The climate change

The other day, I was sitting on a veranda and wrote some text for a website. A big mug of green tea stood on a stoned floor spoke up aloud “Do you still have green colour in your life ?”. I replied “Yeah! I have you, a green tea!!”. Gathering some memories I added “I too have green Lamborghini, green shoes, one of my room is painted green..”. As soon I stopped a voice from nowhere hit my eardrums “Save Earth, save life!”, it was from TV set which I left switched ON. Am not a psychopath but literally when I looked up in the sky, a plethora of words hit my naked eyes, “you choked me with burning fuels, you left me with thorny lands, you chopped off all natural greenery, you ignored me!”. Time changed, people changed and now climate is changing. I grabbed my Iphone and wrote for my website on ‘climate change’. Maybe its time not to act like dumb. Maybe we have enough time not to say ‘climate changed’…

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