India towards millets

Green revolution introduced high yielding variety crops which significantly increased the production of wheat and rice. A large population got attracted towards wheat and rice because as we say “taste matters”. Been neglecting for few years but now people have again back to be a nutrition seekers.

Wheat and rice undoubtably have immense amount of energy giving carbohydrates but lacks many of the essential nutrients that millets have. Let it be from heart patient to fitness freaks, they provide several kind of essential amino acids to enable one’s metabolism go into a really good pace.

A large proportion of the agriculture population is dependent upon rain showers for irrigation. 1kg of rice needs about 4000L of water (Thats huge amount of water), millets on the other hand require much lesser amount of water to grow. Its a great opportunity to make the population healthy by current water-scarce scenario. Millets are also called as “Smart crops”, which requires minimal amount of fertilisers as well as resilient to many adverse climatic conditions.

Mudde Tintiya?” If your answer is yes then you know the nutritive values of Ragi. People say “Two ragi balls are as nutritious as a chicken”. Ragi ball which is called as ‘Mudde‘ in Kannada and in Karnataka it is present in almost every person’s diet. Telangana state has already called themselves as “Millet State” and its government has subsidised these magical crops. Efforts are now being done to include the nutrient-rich smaller millets in the mid-day meal schemes in government schools in these two states. Many other states have been magnetised towards these particular crops and encouraged their farmers to produce them.

Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), located at Hyderabad,Telangana is putting its efforts in scientific researches in sorghum and other millets. It is helping the Government of India to achieve its vision for a Kuposhan Mukt Bharat (Malnutrition Free India) by 2022.

On the other hand, companies like ITC, Britannia and many other, are trying their best to bring millets in our diets by introducing their product mix and many value-added products. These products look attractive as well as marketed well with their promotions. Now no child can say ‘NO!‘ to NUTRI-CEREALS having their favourite superheroes printed on packs of these value-added products.

Government as well as private agro-based companies are doing very well to bring up millets into our plates which was vanished few years ago.

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